Vinyl - Iggy Pop - The Idiot [Red And Yellow Color 180g Vinyl]

Iggy Pop - The Idiot [Limited Purple Color 180g Vinyl]

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Originally released in 1977, The Idiot was the first album Iggy Pop made after the dissolution of the Stooges, several jailings and a self-imposed stay in a mental institution. Produced by David Bowie, and including almost all original material, this is Iggy's most introspective and heavy work. Much more mechanical than the sleazy proto-punk of the Stooges, The Idiot was a huge influence on the post-punk sound of folks like Joy Division and Magazine!

  1. Sister Midnight
  2. Nightclubbing
  3. Funtime
  4. Baby
  5. China Girl
  6. Dum Dum Boys
  7. Tiny Girls
  8. Mass Production