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Vinyl - HTRK- Marry Me Tonight Vinyl Record

HTRK- Marry Me Tonight Vinyl Record

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Like all three HTRK albums, 2009's Marry Me Tonight is singular in sound and circumstance. It's the only album the outfit recorded from start to finish as a trio, and it's the only HTRK record that bears the co-production stamp of Rowland S. Howard.  Breathy, caustic and rife with contradiction, Marry Me Tonight took the raw material recorded on 2005's Nostalgia and transformed it into a pop record—pop that buckled and warped beneath the glare of Howard, fellow producer Lindsay Gravina and the HTRK trio: Jonnine Standish, Nigel Yang and Sean Stewart. Howard died at the end of 2009; Stewart died the year after. Things would never be the same.

Track Listings

1. Ha
2. Rent Boy
3. Your Mistress
4. Before The Fall
5. Waltz Real Slow
6. Panties
7. Shoot You Up
8. Fascinator9. Disco

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