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Houndstoooth- No News From Home Vinyl Record-Indie Vinyl Den

Houndstoooth- No News From Home Vinyl Record

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This is the new LP from Houndstooth. Titled No News From Home - the band return one part leaner than their 2013 debut (Ride Out the Dark) but the core of the group is still in place — songwriting guitarists Katie Bernstein and John Gnorski and drummer-producer Graeme Gibson. The new songs range from a Velvets-style churner with James Baldwin references (Witching Hour) to the lead single, a shimmering tremoloed-out tale of unrequited love revolving around a postcard (No News From Home).

 Track Listing
 1. Bliss Boat 4:26 
 2. Amelia 3:31 
 3. No News From Home 3:34 
 4. Green Light 3:53 
 5. Wasted Hours 3:51 
 6. Witching Hour 3:33 
 7. Borderlands 4:11 
 8. Yellow Stone 3:56 
 9. Double Vision 3:01 
 10. Spirit 2:30 
 11. They re Racing Tonight 4:06 

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