Hinds - I Don't Run [Limited Edition OPAQUE WHITE VINYL]  (606912217147)

Hinds - I Don't Run [Limited Edition OPAQUE WHITE VINYL]

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Hinds' breakout debut Leave Me Alone (2016) was an album of party anthems drenched in metaphors. Follow-up I Don't Run is the Madrid-based band's return with an honest reflection on a period that changed their lives beyond their wildest imaginations. Co-produced by Hinds and Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor), and engineered by Grammy winner Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes, Perfume Genius, The War On Drugs, John Legend), the record shows a bigger, better, faster, funnier, more dexterous Hinds. With this second even more accomplished LP they continue their quest to own their narrative – one of sisters doing it for themselves.

On "The Club," Carlotta Cosials opens the record singing "I wanna show you it's cool to grow up." It's drenched in bolder guitar licks, a meatier rhythm section and a fuller, catchier, dirtier and more ambitious re-entry into the spectrum. "New For You" features Cosials practically screaming "Sometimes I see myself and I can't stand my show!" before a pining chorus that sees her promise to be her best self for a lover. Beneath the breezy melodies lies a damning self-criticism; a side to Hinds we haven't seen. "Finally Floating" revolves around a dance floor-ready beat as Cosials and Ana Perrote exchange vocals like dueling bulls. Sleeping, dreaming and night-time are repeated motifs throughout. 

They may play as dangerously as any male DIY act, but their reactions to sudden notoriety are imbued with sensitivity; a result perhaps of their inherent femininity, as opposed to a need to push their egos. They sound like a band fighting for their place, a band unwilling to rely upon their successes, a band who have just begun to prove themselves to their detractors and their many fans.

  1. The Club
  2. Soberland
  3. Linda
  4. New For You
  5. Echoing My Name
  6. Tester
  7. Finally Floating
  8. I Fell Cold But I Feel More
  9. To The Morning Light
  10. Rookie
  11. Ma Nuit