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Handmade Engraved Cork Anti-Static Turntable Slipmat - LP 33 1/3-Indie Vinyl Den

Handmade Engraved Cork Anti-Static Turntable Slipmat - LP 33 1/3

  • $ 2199

Cork has long been trusted by vinyl enthusiasts as the preferred material to dampen the transmission of vibrations from the platter to the record, which are then picked up by tonearm and passed on through the speakers. A slipmat will help isolate the record from the hum of a motor and provide a smooth and safe surface to spin your beloved records on. Cork is also a poor conductor of electricity and can help reduce the pops and clicks of static caused by accumulated dust and lint. These slipmats not only help provide a great listening experience, but they also just look really awesome.

The cork slipmat comes packed in a high-quality inner sleeve used by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab for their MoFi Master recordings on LP and will ship in a kraft record mailer. All parts of the packaging are functional and reusable, so there is no waste.

Cork is a handsome and sustainable material that can be harvested for generations without harming the tree, so that's nice too.

Approximately 11.5" in diameter with a slim 1/16" profile to ensure the record and tonearm are making contact at just the right angle.

Handmade in Texas!

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