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  • Grandaddy - Under the Western Freeway: 20th Anniversary Vinyl Record
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Grandaddy - Under the Western Freeway: 20th Anniversary Vinyl Record

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2017 was supposed to be a year of celebration for Modesto, California indie rockers Grandaddy. After breaking up in 2006 and reuniting for a few shows in 2012, the group was preparing to mount a full-fledged comeback with their first new LP in 11 years, Last Place. But just two months after that album’s release this spring, bassist and founding member Kevin Garcia died following a massive stroke. All tour dates were scrapped, and the future of the band was suddenly back in flux.

These circumstances make a deluxe reissue of Grandaddy’s cult-classic 1997 debut, Under the Western Freeway, feel bittersweet. Then again, that’s not an unusual mood for this band of underdogs. The history of Grandaddy, who were once hailed as an American answer to Radiohead, is a story of almosts and what-could-have-beens. When they split for the first time, it seemed that the business of being a band was the main factor that sank a group of friends who excelled at most aspects except the financial.

LP1 - Under the Western Freeway
1. Nonphenomenal Lineage
2. A.M. 180
3. Collective Dreamwish of Upperclass Elegance
4. Summer Here Kids
5. Laughing Stock
6. Under the Western Freeway
7. Everything Beautiful Is Far Away
8. Poisoned at Hartsy Thai Food
9. Go Progress Chrome
10. Why Took Your Advice
11. Lawn & So On