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  • Flume - Flume (PICTURE DISC) Vinyl Record  (4372692795456)
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Flume - Flume (PICTURE DISC) Vinyl Record

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Flume is the alter-ego of Harley Streten, a young beat-maker from Sydney, Australia. Flume got his first taste for producing at age 13 from the most unlikely of places – a music production program he found in a cereal box. It began his obsession with all things synthetic and started his addiction for plug-ins, sample packs and vintage analog hardware. Taking a no-holds-barred attitude to music creation, Flume takes inspiration from a wide variety of sources and scenes distilling his sound into a melodic bass-heavy style that is uniquely his own. His debut EP Sleepless was soft released in August of 2011 followed by his forward-thinking self-titled full-length in 2012 which maintained a consistent rhythm and heartbeat, part of the reason it was so quickly embraced - to fans it was a world unto itself.

1. Sinatra
2. Holdin On
3. Left Alone feat. Chet Faker
4. Sleepless feat. Jezzabell Doran
5. On Top feat. T-Shirt
6. Stay Close
7. Insane feat. Moon Holiday
8. Change
9. Ezra
10. More Than You Thought
11. Space Cadet
12. Bring You Down feat. George Maple
13. Warm Thoughts
14. What You Need
15. Star Eyes

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