Vinyl - Feelies, The - Time For A Witness Vinyl Record

Feelies, The - Time For A Witness Vinyl Record

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The Feelies’ fourth album Time For A Witness (1991) found the band honing their sound and getting a bit heavier, anticipating the grunge-era that Nirvana would herald in in six months after this album was released. A cover of the Stooges “Real Cool Time” and their own excellent alt-radio hit “Doin’ It Again” are stand outs. Liner notes for this re-issue by Michael Azerrad (This Band Could Be Your Life) tell the tale that lead to a fifteen year hiatus for the band. The re-issue also features a bonus card with new acoustic recordings and live takes from their final shows at Maxwells in Hoboken.

01 Waiting
02 Time For A Witness
03 Sooner or Later
04 Find a Way
05 Decide
06 Doin' It Again
07 Invitation
08 For Now
09 What She Said
10 Real Cool Time