Essaie Pas - New Path Vinyl Record  (544868794427)

Essaie Pas - New Path Vinyl Record

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On New Path, their second album for DFA, Montreal electronic duo Essaie Pas (Marie Davidson and Pierre Guerineau) take inspiration from Philip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly, a dystopian science fiction classic. The album sounds like the book reads – a voyeuristic, druggy, and paranoid narrative of existence in the surveillance state. New Path touches on addiction, loss, and the lingering strength of identity within late capitalism's mass media paranoia. It pins down the central character's destructive tendencies, using this as a metaphor to explore the dichotomous rupture between our inner lives and our social environment, one that is often fed and soothed by various kinds of dependencies.

Essaie Pas possess a wiry, experimental take on the more leftfield end of techno music, in the way of pioneers Chris & Cosey and Cabaret Voltaire, as well as newer acts like Fever Ray, Factory Floor, and Helena Hauff. The album trades in hypnotic pads of strings, punctuated by dramatic stabs and sensual rhythmic patterns, with Marie's tripped-out, pseudo-scientific verbiage further adding to the ambience. The world the duo have created here offers a tangled vision of tomorrow's aesthetics, a soundtrack stacked with cold music for cold times.

  1. Les Aphides
  2. Futur Parle
  3. Complet Brouille
  4. Les agents des stups
  5. Substance M
  6. New Path