Escape-ism - The Lost Record [Peak Version on Clear Color Vinyl]

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Peak Vinyl: Limited-edition pressing on clear vinyl. Includes digital download.

Only ten months after he provided us with an Introduction to Escape-ism, mythic rock ’n’ roll provocateur / theorist / revolutionary Ian Svenonius is back as Escape-ism with The Lost Record, a classic destined to bewitch the minds, hearts, and dancing shoes of any rock ’n’ roll fan who happens to discover it, for as long as such creatures exist. Without the high-octane hype machine of the mind-control minstrels who hypnotize the hapless through the mass media, The Lost Record is bound for inevitable obscurity, but—with its timeless tunes, poignant message, and innovative sound—rediscovery and immortal status is equally assured! The Lost Record, being what it is, has enormous selling potential. Music enthusiasts will be thrilled to be the ones clever and kind enough to have rescued this platter from oblivion.

Recorded in four different studios—Gaucho in Los Angeles, Flat Black in Iowa, Tonal Park in Takoma Park, MD, and at Club Blasé in DC—the record is the culmination of humanity’s attempt at something poignant, perverse, and poetically imperfect.

The Lost Record Escape-ism 2:52
Nothing Personal Escape-ism 3:15
I’m a Lover (at Close Range) Escape-ism 2:26
(I’m Gonna) Bite the Hand That Feeds Escape-ism 3:06
Bodysnatcher Escape-ism 3:47
The Feeling’s Mutual Escape-ism 2:55
I Don’t Know Where Those Words Have Been Escape-ism 2:31
Exorcist Stairs Escape-ism 2:44
You Darken My Night Escape-ism 2:36
Alphabet’s Gotta Be Changed Escape-ism 1:41
Rome Wasn’t Burnt in a Day Escape-ism 3:11
What Sign (Was Frankenstein?) Escape-ism 4:03