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  • Dirty Projectors - 5EPs [Limited Clear Color Vinyl 2LP]
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Dirty Projectors - 5EPs [Limited Clear Color Vinyl 2LP]

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The newest chapter for Dirty Projectors is a sequence of five four-song EPs. Each EP features lead vocals by a different band member including Maia Friedman, Felicia Douglass, Kristin Silpp and Dave Longstreth. The final EP features vocals by all members. Each song collection is strikingly different from the next, but true to itself: Maia's Window Opens is acoustic and folky; Felicia's Flight Tower is super future, both soulful and electronic. Kristin's Earth Crisis is cut-up orchestral collage - looped, pitch-shifted, digitally deconstructed - and Dave's Super Joao is four-track bossa nova. Ring Road, the final EP, recapitulates everything with a classic full-band Dirty Projects sound. Double vinyl LP edition housed in a tri-fold jacket.


  1. On The Breeze
  2. Overlord
  3. Search For Life
  4. Guarding The Baby
  5. Inner World
  6. Lose Your Love
  7. Self Design
  8. Empty Vessel
  9. Holy Mackerel
  10. I Get Carried Away


  1. You Create Yourself
  2. Moon, If Ever
  3. Eyes On The Road
  4. There I Said It
  5. Bird's Eye
  6. Now I Know
  7. Por Qué No
  8. Searching Spirit
  9. No Studying
  10. My Possession