Vinyl - Deer Tick - Mayonnaise [White Color Vinyl Record] With Bonus 7" (2088034730043)

Deer Tick - Mayonnaise [White Color Vinyl Record] with bonus 7"

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This limited edition, white vinyl LP also comes with a bonus 7" single inside featuring "Doomed From the Start (Alternate Version)" and "Cocktail (feat. Spencer Cullum Jr. of Steelism)! Mayonnaise is a companion piece to Deer Tick Vol. 1 & Deer Tick Vol. 2. On Mayonnaise, you will find alternate versions of songs from Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 that we feel have their own merit and we wanted to share them with our fans. To add to this collection, we decided to record some of the cover songs that Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 inspired us to play along the Twice Is Nice Tour. We had such a good time playing these covers live that it felt appropriate to document them here. And, lastly, if we are going into the studio, why not write a few new songs, record them, and give the fans something new to round this whole collection out? So, here you go, this is Mayonnaise.

Side A Side B
01 Bluesboy
02 Limp Right Back (Alternate Version)
03 White City
04 Old Lady
05 Run of the Mill
06 Strange, Awful Feeling
01 End of the World (Alternate Version)
02 Hey! Yeah!
03 Pale Blue Eyes
04 Memphis Chair
05 Too Sensitive for This World