Decemberists, The  - Traveling On (10" Vinyl EP)

Decemberists, The - Traveling On (10" Vinyl EP)

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"Here we are, in the final days of the Your Girl/Your Ghost tour, the release of our 8th record, I'll Be Your Girl, a bare glimmer in the fogged rear-view mirror of time. Perhaps other bands would be content to rest on the laurels of another successful record released, another romp about the globe put to bed – but not The Decemberists. No, folks, we have one last thing we'd like to impart to you before we go into our deserved siesta: We are announcing the Traveling On EP! This little bugger is a sharp twenty-one minutes of songs that were recorded during the I'll Be Your Girl sessions but never quite found a home on the album those sessions produced." - The Decemberists

  1. Down On The Knuckle
  2. I Will Not Say Your Name
  3. Tripping Along (Full Band Version)
  4. Midlist Author
  5. Traveling On