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Courtneys, The - The Courtneys II

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The Courtneys drift back to the sound of the early-90s, drawing from strong influences including Teenage Fanclub, Pavement, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, and The Clean. Courtney Loove's dreamy guitar riffs add a timeless powerpop element to the punk backbone formed by Sydney Koke's driving basslines, while drummer/lead singer Jen Twynn Payne delivers heartfelt lyrics with a powerful vocal style. These components come together through a passionate collaborative songwriting process to deliver a special blend of fuzzy "artisanal grunge."

The first Courtneys album (self titled) came out in 2013 on small independent label, Hockey Dad Records, based in the band's hometown of Vancouver, BC, Canada. In 2015 The Courtneys made their way to Australia and New Zealand, where they were hosted by Flying Nun Records. Influenced by the legendary label from early on, the group is honored to now be able to call Flying Nune home for the release of their sophomore set, The Courtneys II, recorded by Jordan Koop at the Noise Floor, mixed by Vince Casamatta, and mastered by Michael Schoonmaker.

  1. Silver Velvet
  2. Country Song
  3. Minnesota
  4. Tour
  5. Lost Boys
  6. Virgo
  7. 25
  8. Iron Deficiency
  9. Mars Attacks
  10. Frankie