Gig Poster - Cloud Nothings - Hamburg Gig Poster

Cloud Nothings - Hamburg Gig Poster

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The idea behind this print is mainly based on the band name. The atmosphere colours are a contradiction to Cloud Nothings low-fi and unpolished sound. Also that the bright world the caracter lives in is broken by this fallen cloud. 

The poster is made for the "Cloud Nothings" show on the 6th of March  2017 at the Knust in Hamburg.

The 4 color print is pulled by hand on off white paper in a studio in Hamburg. The paper is called “Extra Smooth" by Olin paper and is 250gsm strong, with a lovely soft finish, FSC certified.  

Edition of 80 prints, all are signed & numbered by Alexander Hanke.


approx. 400×600 mm 

approx. 15.7×23.6 inch

Materials utilised:

paper, ink