Blitzen Trapper- Furr Vinyl Record  (1247712707)

Blitzen Trapper- Furr Vinyl Record

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Blitzen Trapper- Furr Vinyl Record

Blitzen Trapper is a group of native Northwesterners, most of whom grew up in Salem, Oregon. They have lived and played together in Portland since 2000. Critics and fans have compared their music to just about everything; there have been calls to coin a new genre. After self-releasing Wild Mountain Nation in June of 2007, the group ventured beyond the West Coast for the first time to tour extensively in Europe and North America. Furr is their first Sub Pop release.

Track listing
All songs written by Eric Earley.

1."Sleepytime in the Western World"  3:30
2."Gold for Bread"  2:47
3."Furr"  4:08
4."God & Suicide"  2:21
5."Fire & Fast Bullets"  2:51
6."Saturday Nite"  2:08
7."Black River Killer"  3:28
8."Not Your Lover"  2:51
9."Love U"  3:02
10."War on Machines"  3:20
11."Stolen Shoes & A Rifle"  2:46
12."Echo/Always On/EZ Con"  3:28
13."Lady on the Water"  2:27

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