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Black Lips, The - Let It Bloom Vinyl Record-Indie Vinyl Den

Black Lips, The - Let It Bloom Vinyl Record

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Black Lips, The - Let It Bloom Vinyl Record

By the time the Black Lips had released this, their third album Let It Bloom in 2005, the band with members barely in their 20's, had already toured the US and Europe several times, released two albums on Bomp! records, lost a lead guitarist in a car crash, built a rabid cult following and earned a well deserved reputation as one of the wildest live bands around. Let It Bloom, while still skuzzy and raw, contains some of the catchiest and most melodic moments of the Black Lips' career which is the great dichotomy of this band; untamed in an endearing way and musical in just the right places.

The Black Lips Let It Bloom Track Listing:

1.  Sea of Blasphemy           
2.  Can't Dance        
3.  Boomerang        
4.  Hippie, Hippie, Hoorah    
5.  Not a Problem        
6.  Gung Ho        
7.  Everybody's Doin' It        
8.  Feeling Gay        
9.  Take Me Home (Back to Boone)        
10. Gentle Violence    
11. She's Gone        
12. Fairy Stories        
13. Dirty Hands        
14. Workin'        
15. Punk Slime        
16. Empassant

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