Best Coast - Always Tomorrow Vinyl Record  (4411930443840)
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Best Coast - Always Tomorrow Vinyl Record

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2020 sees the release of the hotly anticipated new album, Always Tomorrow, from Best Coast. Inspired by the 70s, the L.A. based duo expand their signature indie-pop sound into a harmonic blend of melodic guitars and keyboards as warm and refreshing as a California breeze. Multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno, along with the irrepressible Bethany Cosentino, combine to bring her masterful storytelling to new heights, crafting their most eloquent and reflective album to date. "This album is about leaving the darkness for the light, but still understanding that nothing is ever going to be perfect," Cosentino said. "It's about burning it all down and starting from scratch even when the idea of that is fucking terrifying. Closing one chapter and moving onto the next even when you have no idea what is on the other side. Acceptance. It's about taking a gigantic leap of faith." Always Tomorrow is introduced by the assured singles "For the First Time" and "Everything Has Changed."

  1. Different Light
  2. Everything Has Changed
  3. For The First Time
  4. Graceless Kids
  5. Wreckage
  6. Rollercoasters
  7. Master Of My Own Mind
  8. True
  9. Seeing Red
  10. Make It Last
  11. Used To Be