Beach Slang - A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings [Limited Green]

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Beach Slang - A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings [Limited Green]

180-Gram Green Vinyl
    • Deluxe gatefold jacket & printed sleeve.
    • Includes 16-page, large format lyric booklet.

“I don’t want to whisper things anymore. I want to yell them.” -- Beach Slang’s James Alex

First there’s the choppy E chord, revving the song like a boot stomping a gas pedal: the sound of all that excess energy built up at the start of the night. Then comes James Alex’s fine-grain sandpaper voice: “Play it loud, play it fast / Play me something that will always last / Play it soft, play it quiet / Play me something that might save my life…”

James Alex, songwriter and front man for Philly indie-punk outfit Beach Slang, knows wherefrom he sings. Like a lot of us, Alex is that kid Lou Reed sang about, the one whose life was saved by rock and roll. And A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings , Beach Slang’s second full-length, is just that—a crash-and-thunder collection of songs about what it takes to keep yourself going, to make it through the rest of the night—hell, through the rest of your youth—and beyond.

1  Future Mixtape For The Art Kids (2:39)
2  Atom Bomb (1:59)
3  Spin The Dial (3:11)
4  Art Damage (2:43)
5  Hot Tramps (3:45)
6  Punks In A Disco Bar (2:41)
7  Wasted Daze Of Youth (2:08)
8  Young Hearts (4:10)
9  The Perfect High (4:03)
10  Warpaint (2:41)