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Band of Horses - Why Are You Ok (180g Vinyl)-Indie Vinyl Den

Band of Horses - Why Are You Ok (180g Vinyl)

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Band of Horses - Why Are You Ok (180g Vinyl)

This is Band of Horses fifth studio record. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, frontman Ben Bridwell revealed that he wrote many of the demos for the new record in the middle of the night so that he could tend to his four children by day. "I work all night and then take them to school in the morning," he joked, adding, "I'm the fucking scariest dad in the school, I’m sure." Bridwell also told EW that Rick Rubin was involved in helping make the album.

1. Dull Times/The
2. Solemn Oath
3. Hag
4. Casual Party
5. In A Drawer
6. Hold On Gimme
7. Lying Under Oak
8. Throw My Mess
9. Whatever, Whatever
10. Country Teen
11. Barrel House
12. Even Still 

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