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Arcs, The - Yours, Dreamily Vinyl Record-Indie Vinyl Den

Arcs, The - Yours, Dreamily Vinyl Record

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Arcs, The - Yours, Dreamily Vinyl Record

The Arcs are more than just a side project of Dan Auerbach while he prepares for a new Black Keys record. This debut was a surprise for some with the song  quality that showed this was not just another project, but a different band. Yours, Dreamily was well reviewed by critics and played a lot on radio. The Arcs are Dan Auerbach, Homer Steinweiss, Richard Swift, and Nick Movshon.

1. Once We Begin (Intro)
2. Outta My Mind
3. Put a Flower in Your Pocket
4. Pistol Made of Bones
5. Everything You Do (You Do For You)
6. Stay In My Corner
7. Cold Companion
8. The Arc
9. Nature's Child
10. Velvet Ditch
11. Chains of Love
12. Come & Go
13. Rosie (Ooh La La)
14. Searching the Blue

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