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  • Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha Vinyl Record  (4479935381568)
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Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha Vinyl Record

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Strip away the music of an Andrew Bird song, and you're left with brilliant prose ('across the great chasms and schisms and the sudden aneurysms'), vignettes about mentally fending off plane crashes, infiltrating characters like the kings of Macedonia and Lou Dobbs, and titles such as 'Yawny at the Apocalyspe.' It's hard to believe that, really, his music reigns, but when Bird adds understated acoustic guitars, Wurlitzer and Rhodes, and his own mesmerizing pizzicato violin, his songs take on a progressive mood all their own. The Chicago Bird's tenth album (and his debut for extraordinary Mississippi blues label Fat Possum) is perhaps his most diverse, expansive, and resourceful yet, catering to a half-dozen genres of music while exploring storylines that are naïve ('Dark Matter'), candid ('Fiery Crash'), and blatantly comical ('Armchairs'). Making no palpable effort to crack the conventional with overflowing melodies and love songs, Bird instead latches up the intellect to create tiny packages of literature that make always leave you thinking--and snapping your fingers at the same time.

1. Fiery Crash 
2. Imitosis 
3. Plasticities 
4. Heretics 
5. Armchairs 
6. Darkmatter 
7. Simple X 
8. The Supine 
9. Cataracts 
10. Scythian Empires 
11. Spare-Ohs 
12. Yawn At The Apocalypse