Alvvays- Alvvays [Orange Color Vinyl Record]  (1247804931)

Alvvays- Alvvays [Orange Color Vinyl Record]

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Alvvays- Alvvays Orange Vinyl Record

Hailing from Canada, the Indie Pop band Alvvays delivered a fun and catchy debut. At Indie Vinyl Den this record often returns to our office turntable when we need a little musical sunshine to jumpstart the day. Archie, Marry Me is the most played single, but this record is chock full of Indie Pop loveliness. Our friends at Pitchfork also agreed with our assessment and gave it a high 7.6 of out 10.

Track Listings
1. Adult Diversion
2. Archie, Marry Me
3. Ones Who Love You
4. Next of Kin
5. Party Police
6. The Agency Group
7. Dives
8. Atop a Cake
9. Red Planet