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  • Alabama Shakes- Boys & Girls Vinyl Record  (1247714627)
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Alabama Shakes- Boys & Girls Vinyl Record

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Alabama Shakes- Boys & Girls Vinyl Record

Alabama Shakes exploded on the scene for most due to Boys and Girls record. Songs like Hold On, I Found You, and Hang Loose were instant favorites off this record, but it was the depth and strength of the entire record that makes this one so great. As a bonus you get an 7” with some B-sides and of course a download card.

Track listing 
1. "Hold On"   3:46 
 2. "I Found You"   2:59 
 3. "Hang Loose"   2:24 
 4. "Rise to the Sun"   3:08 
 5. "You Ain't Alone"   4:44 
 6. "Goin' to the Party"   1:45 
 7. "Heartbreaker"   3:47 
 8. "Boys & Girls"   3:25 
 9. "Be Mine"   4:14 
 10. "I Ain't the Same"   2:55 
 11. "On Your Way"   3:05 
 12. "Heavy Chevy" (bonus track and on 7" vinyl) 1:34 
 13. "Pocket Change" (bonus track on 7" vinyl)   
 14. "Mama" (bonus track on 7" vinyl)

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