Adult Mom - Momentary Lapse of Happily Vinyl Record
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Adult Mom - Momentary Lapse of Happily Vinyl Record

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Adult Mom is the project of one Steph Knipe of Purchase College, NY. Started in, and forever brewed in a bedroom, Adult Mom is an exploration into the darker subjects of life, the personal and explicit we are often told to keep to ourselves. At the forefront of Adult Mom is honesty and intimacy as Knipe writes clever pop songs that offer a glimpse into the journey of a gender-weird queer navigating through heartache, trauma and subsequent growth.

Life is about temporary moments in time. Everything is fleeting. Love is not lost, it just falls off and manifests elsewhere. With their debut LP, Momentary Lapse of Happily, Adult Mom bravely shines a light on the darkness and allows the listener to experience and feel those moments along with them. The album may be a snapshot of the temporary but the listen is one that will stay with you long after.

Track Listing

  1. Be Your Own 3am
  2. Survival
  3. 2012
  4. Told Ya So
  5. Sorry I Was Sorry
  6. Sun Theory
  7. What's Another Lipstick Mark
  8. Sincerely Yours, Truly
  9. Laying On My Floor
  10. Meg Ryan
  11. Wake
  12. When You Are Happy
  13. Lose-Recover