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Born in a bygone era (1960's), Our Founder C Carter brings his musical wisdom to share with anyone that will listen. Besides having the ability to answer musical questions from any genre, he can also appear to have no neck between his shoulders and noggin. 

State of the Vinyl-verse: Holiday Edition

I won't shit ya; this year has been challenging. The climate, economy, politics, viruses, and Kanye have been hard to control. Vinyl Record collecting, while more popular than ever, is also feeling the effects.

Shortages of raw materials, pressing plants, weekly King Grizzard releases, and scarce labor have led to delays and soaring prices. Currently, we receive about 10% of what we order. The deeper into the holiday we go, you will see titles selling out quickly.

Prices of records have steadily risen in the past year. A vinyl record that cost $20 last year sells 20-30% more this year. Buy early for selection and before the price goes up further!

Now let's talk shipping. You may have thrown up a little in your mouth, but hear me out. Ship early and do not rely on USPS Media Mail. 

Here is a quick rundown of shipping:

USPS: On October 1, 2021, every class of USPS mail, except priority and expedited, was intentionally delayed. They did such a great job at accidentally slowing packages; this should be interesting. Ironically, they also added additional fees for the slower holiday mail! If you use Media Mail after Thanksgiving, do not expect it before Christmas. You will not receive consistent tracking either.

Our Advice: Use Priority Mail or UPS Ground after Thanksgiving.

UPS: They were the most consistent by far last season and continued to be throughout this year. UPS Ground is a great Media Mail alternative. Any of their services are excellent.

FedEx: We no longer offer their services due to continued failures at timely deliveries and communication. 


Buy early and ship using an appropriate service. Expect shortages and out of stocks well into 2022.