Shhh It's a secret menu

We have a secret menu! Stuff you can get for free just for the asking! Enter the following phrases in the notes area of your next order. One "ask" only, or your reputation of a greedy bastard will spread like dust in a used record store.

Enter the phrase "My friend has a CD Player." - We will add free compact disc samplers and promotional releases to your order.


Enter the phrase "I love stickies." - We will send you some stickers of all kinds.

Enter the phrase "I love love and hate hate." - We will send you a rainbow magnet. The magnet will show everyone that you support LGBTQ2+ communities and possess a magnetic personality.

Enter the phrase "I wear a (* your size) T-Shirt." - This is the least filled request, but if we have a t-shirt in your size, we will send it. It could be any design, band, or even an IndieVinylDen t-shirt. We promise it will be clean and never worn (that we know of.)

Enter the phrase "Surprise Me." - Be prepared, this could be anything. It is the perfect way to add excitement to your life! What in the world could it be? Note: Nothing dangerous or foul smelling will be sent. Could it be a record? Yes. Could it be a can of beans? Why, yes. "Could it be a pony?" No, we will disappoint you much as your own parent's have when making this request.

Don't tell everyone; it's a secret after all.