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Why is Japanese Vintage Vinyl so popular in the US?

Why do people buy American music that was manufactured and released in Japan? There are several reasons:

1. Collectible Value: OBI strips, the informational paper strips on the outside of the packaging, unique to Japanese releases, add a collectible aspect. Fans often view these editions as more exclusive or rare, mainly if they include unique artwork or design elements not found in standard releases.

2. High-Quality Pressings: Japanese pressings are renowned for their high quality. Audiophiles and collectors often prefer them due to their superior sound quality and meticulous manufacturing standards.

3. Bonus Content: Japanese editions sometimes include bonus tracks, extended liner notes, or additional content not available in other versions. This can be particularly appealing for fans who want the most comprehensive version of an album.

4. Unique Artwork and Packaging: The OBI strip and overall packaging may have unique artwork, different from international releases. Collectors and fans who appreciate the visual aspect of albums find this appealing.

5. Cultural Appeal: For some, owning a Japanese edition is a way of connecting with Japanese culture or showing appreciation for how Japanese markets present foreign music.

6. Resale Value: Due to their rarity and collectibility, Japanese editions with OBI strips can hold or increase in resale value over time, making them an investment for collectors.

7. Nostalgia and Sentimental Value: For those who have lived in or visited Japan, these editions can hold sentimental value, serving as a memento of their experiences.

8. Linguistic Features: Including the Japanese language on the OBI strip and packaging can be intriguing for non-Japanese speakers and add an exotic aspect to the item.

9. Completion of Collection: Collectors aiming to complete a particular artist's discography might seek out all variants of an album, including the Japanese edition with the OBI strip.

10. Fan Loyalty: Hardcore fans of an artist or band might want to own every edition of an album, regardless of origin, as a demonstration of their loyalty and support.

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