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The Pink Revelation: IndieVinylDen's Special Edition of MUNA's "About U"

The debut record, "About U," from the Los Angeles group, MUNA, is available again on pink vinyl. In 2017, the trio consisting of Katie Gavin, Josette Maskin, and Naomi McPherson released the record, which is a blend of dark-pop and 80s new wave influence featuring hits like "Winterbreak" and "Loudspeaker," sealing MUNA's potential. Critics lauded the album, and The Line of Best Fit recognized it among 2017's best, particularly for its representation of queer women.
However, MUNA's trajectory took a notable turn when they departed from RCA Records to join Phoebe Bridger's Saddest Factory Records label. The move seemed serendipitous. In 2022, they released their self-titled third album, "MUNA," witnessing a surge in the fanbase. Their alliance with the indie label headed by Bridgers seemed to have rejuvenated their artistic energies, enhancing their creativity and fame. For those lucky enough to snag the pink "About U" vinyl from IndieVinylDen, it wasn't just music; it was a slice of MUNA's evolving legacy.

Buy MUNA "About You" now on PINK color vinyl.

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