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The Folk Implosion Takes Us Inside Once More: A Whirl of Nostalgia on Clear Color Vinyl

An echo from the past is rearing its melodic head once more, drifting through the auditory currents of the 21st century like a ghost of music's yesteryears. The whispers in the wind are true - Folk Implosion’s vintage gem, "Take a Look Inside," is ready to burst forth from its vinyl cocoon on August 18, 2023. This isn't just any reissue, oh no, it's a limited edition run pressed on clear color vinyl, shimmering with the allure of pure, undiluted nostalgia.

Stepping back in time, we find ourselves in the intimate atmosphere of a 3rd floor, Cambridge Massachusetts double-decker house apartment - a cathedral of creativity with wood floors that have known the vibration of countless chords and walls illuminated by the fairylike glow of Christmas lights. This is where "Take a Look Inside" first came to life. The Folk Implosion duo, shedding their acoustic skin, ventured deep into the labyrinth of home studio craft, fueled by a few humble microphones, including a Radio Shack PZM, and a faithful Tascam cassette 4-track recorder.

One might wonder, what is the secret to the record’s uncanny allure? Well, it all revolved around a finely-tuned daily ritual. As the sun rose, and their downstairs neighbor set off for work, the magic would begin. Day after day, the melodies would dance, ricochet, and echo through the apartment until they snapped like a high-pitched snare drum. And just in time, before the neighbor’s return, the duo would quietly retreat, keeping the peace and preserving the sanctity of their creative process.

The journey from that little attic to the outside world was facilitated by none other than Tim O'Heir, the mastermind behind Sebadoh's 'Bakesale' LP. Under the cover of the early morning light, the Folk Implosion duo snuck into Fort Apache studios, piggybacking on Sebadoh’s scheduled session that was due to start that afternoon. The album, born out of the modest Tascam, met the majestic Neve board in a clash of eras and technologies. The result? A timeless record mixed in a matter of hours, embodying the spirit of ancestors like The Troggs, Devo, Al Green, and The Bee Gees.

For Folk Implosion, "Take a Look Inside" is the phoenix that arose from the pyre of their earlier acoustic work, their first true venture into a new soundscape. This August, nearly 30 years after its initial release, they are delighted to bring back the Slaps and the Sputniks into view, the scent of tribute wafting from the ashes once more.

There's something almost magical about this vinyl reissue. It's more than just a blast from the past; it's an opportunity to relive the history and heritage of the band. The clear color vinyl stands as a transparent window into the evolution of Folk Implosion, capturing the vibrant spirit of their music. So, folks, mark your calendars. The chance to hold a piece of history is just around the corner. Just remember, the supply is limited, so don't let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers! PreOrder now from

- Christopher

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