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Stunned we still have this in stock - Pulp "His 'N' Hers"

It's always surprising when certain gems remain hidden in record stores, and this week, we're shining a light on one such treasure: Pulp's exceptional album, "His 'N' Hers." A hallmark of '90s British pop, this record highlights Pulp's distinctive flair, deftly fusing ear-catching melodies with sharp, introspective lyrics. Under the magnetic guidance of Jarvis Cocker, the band gained renown for their adroit storytelling and indelible tunes.

"His 'N' Hers" brims with unforgettable cuts like "Babies" and "Do You Remember the First Time?" that embody Pulp's musical essence. This vinyl release provides listeners with the opportunity to delve into the band's inimitable fusion of pop, rock, and a touch of electronic. For anyone drawn to imaginative music with a compelling twist, Pulp's "His 'N' Hers" is an essential listen.

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