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Searching for Vinyl Gems in Ireland!

Get ready to groove as we embark on a musical quest to Ireland! This weekend, we're chasing rare vinyl gems hidden in the lush landscapes of the Emerald Isle, taking a break from our routine. While we're out exploring, shipping will pause after Noon EDT on Friday (5-5-2023) and resume on Monday (5-15-2023). 🚚🎶

But fret not, music lovers! We have an exciting surprise for you! 🎁🎉 For every order placed during our melodious Irish adventure, you'll be entered into the tantalizing Emerald Isle Prize Pack! 🍀 This treasure trove includes a $100 Gift Certificate and a medley of cool trinkets we'll collect during our journey. 🎊🇮🇪

So, as we dance through the Irish hills, seeking vinyl rarities, you could be the lucky winner of this irresistible prize! Please place your order now and stay tuned for our tuneful discoveries. 🎵💚

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