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Indie University | The Rise of Cracker: From Demos to Debut

In the early 90s, a new sound emerged on the rock scene, embodied by a band named Cracker. The story of Cracker is one of artistic resilience and the power of enduring friendship, starting with two boys from Redlands, California – David Lowery and Johnny Hickman.

The Post-Camper Van Beethoven Era

When Camper Van Beethoven, an alternative rock band led by David Lowery, disbanded in 1990, it wasn't the end for Lowery's musical journey. Instead, it marked the beginning of something new and exciting. Teaming up with his childhood friend, guitarist Johnny Hickman, Lowery embarked on a journey that would soon lead to the creation of Cracker.

The Formation and Early Days

The duo initially began working on demos in their hometown of Redlands. These early sessions, later affectionately known as the "Big Dirty Yellow Demos" by fans, were crucial. They laid the foundation for what Cracker would eventually become, both musically and thematically. After moving to Richmond, Virginia, Lowery and Hickman's musical collaboration deepened, leading to the birth of Cracker, with the addition of Redlands bassist Davey Faragher.

Building the Band's Identity

A brief tour with Virginia drummer Go Weatherford brought the band's sound to life. Cracker's early days were characterized by a mix of rock, alternative, and a hint of country – a sound that was both unique and familiar.

Signing with Virgin Records

By 1991, Cracker's potential was undeniable. They signed with Virgin Records, a major leap forward that brought more resources and a wider audience. The band's lineup for their debut album included a rotating set of drummers/percussionists - Jim Keltner, Michael Urbano, and Phil Jones - each bringing their own flavor to the band's sound.

The Release of "Cracker" (1992)

March 10, 1992, marked a significant milestone: the release of their debut album, "Cracker." This album was a definitive statement of the band's sound and vision. The lead single, "Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)," became a radio sensation, reaching No. 1 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart. The album also featured "Happy Birthday to Me," another notable single.

The Band's Early Success

By April 1994, "Cracker" had sold over 200,000 copies - a testament to the band's growing popularity. The success of "Teen Angst" as a chart-topping single was not just a commercial triumph; it was a cultural moment, defining the early 90s rock landscape.

The Core Trio

At the heart of Cracker's sound were the distinct contributions of its core members. David Lowery's vocals and acoustic guitar, Johnny Hickman's electric guitars, backing vocals, harmonica, and occasional lead vocals, and Davey Faragher's bass and backing vocals created a synergy that was both raw and refined.


The story of Cracker's rise, from the dissolution of Camper Van Beethoven to their breakthrough debut album, is a tale of artistic evolution and the enduring power of friendship. It's a journey that started with simple demo tapes and led to a seminal album, marking Cracker as a pivotal force in 90s rock music.

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