Vinyl - Chris Stamey- Euphoria Vinyl Record Limited Color Vinyl

Chris Stamey- Euphoria Vinyl Record Limited Color Vinyl

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Chris Stamey- Euphoria Vinyl Record

On Translucent ''Blue Moon'' colored Vinyl 

"It’s called Euphoria because, to me, euphoria lives inside an electric guitar--that's the place I find freedom, passion, exhilaration: in the spaces between the notes, in the distance between the frets. I found this record inside the same dilapidated old Silvertone lipstick guitar that I'd written my first records on." - Chris Stamey

With Euphoria, Chris Stamey returns to the guitar-driven rock band dynamic to deliver 10 stellar songs rooted in his trademark sound:  Strong hooks, expansive production, solid musicianship, wonderful harmonies and unexpected twists.  Where his last album, Lovesick Blues, was built on slower tempo acoustic chamber pop, Euphoria, hums with upbeat songs, centered around the electric guitar.  Focus tracks include, “Invisible,” “Where Does the Time Go,” and “Universe-sized Arms” a track Ryan Adams wrote and sent to Chris to record.  Guests on the album include Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Pat Sansone (Wilco, The Autumn Defense), and long-time friend and collaborator Mitch Easter (Let’s Active).

01. Universe-sized Arms 
02. Where Does the Time Go? 
03. Invisible 
04. Make Up Your Mind 
05. Euphoria 
06. Awake in the World 
07. Dear Valentine 
08. When the Fever Breaks 
09. You Are Beautiful 
10. Rocketship

Bonus Tracks (Digital Download included in LP package)
Draggin' The Line (Bonus Track)
Euphoria Cont'd (Bonus Track)
Where Does the time Go (Groovy Radio Mix) (Bonus Track)