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Mike Krol - Mike Krol Is Never Dead: The First Two Records

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This 2-LP release contains Mike Krol’s I Hate Jazz and Trust Fund on freshly pressed Merge vinyl housed in a wide spine jacket with vibrant fluorescent ink design; an illuminating selection of digital outtakes, demos, and b-sides; a large fold-out newsprint poster showcasing an array of Mike Krol ephemera; and a full download of all tracks.

On Mike Krol Is Never Dead: The First Two Records, we catch up—with the past, that is. Indeed, Turkey, released in 2015, is Chapter 3 of the Krol saga; here, finally, are its long-lost predecessors. Self-released in 2011, I Hate Jazz was the opening salvo of World War Krol. Only 500 copies were pressed; they were given away to anyone who showed interest (and many who showed none whatsoever). Including Krol classics like “Fifteen Minutes” and “Like a Star,” the record has long been unavailable. Trust Fund followed in 2013; its 500 copies sold out on the ensuing tour, fueling a mini-mania that would elevate it to cult status.

Release Date 7/14/2017

Natural Disaster Mike Krol 1:09
Like a Star Mike Krol 1:34
Fifteen Minutes Mike Krol 1:35
Heart Attack Mike Krol 1:50
Seventeen (Age) Mike Krol 2:03
Grade School Love Mike Krol 1:37
Red Minivan Mike Krol 2:00
A Million Times Mike Krol 4:12
Plague Mike Krol 0:30
Cease and Desist Mike Krol 2:32
Modern Furniture Mike Krol 1:22
Locker Mike Krol 1:41
Teeth Grinder Mike Krol 2:46
Straaange Mike Krol 2:13
California Mike Krol 1:28
Fourth of July Mike Krol 3:05
Keith Moon Mike Krol 2:07
[untitled] Mike Krol 1:08
Drum Test (Bonus Track) Mike Krol 0:30
Kelly (Bonus Track) Mike Krol 0:44
Stacey (Bonus Track) Mike Krol 1:07
Snow Day (Bonus Track) Mike Krol 1:38
Natural Disaster (Demo) [Bonus Track] Mike Krol 1:11
Like a Star (Demo) [Bonus Track] Mike Krol 0:58
Fifteen Minutes (Demo) [Bonus Track] Mike Krol 1:32
Heart Attack (Demo) [Bonus Track] Mike Krol 2:23
Grade School Love (Demo) [Bonus Track] Mike Krol 1:39
A Million Times (Demo) [Bonus Track] Mike Krol 1:09
Fifteen Minutes Instrumental Reprise (Bonus Track) Mike Krol 1:14
My Country Tis of Thee (Bonus Track) Mike Krol 1:01
The Tempo (Bonus Track) Mike Krol 0:58
Plague (Demo) [Bonus Track] Mike Krol 0:18
Modern Furniture (Demo) [Bonus Track] Mike Krol 1:29
Locker (Demo) [Bonus Track] Mike Krol 1:08
Teeth Grinder (Demo) [Bonus Track] Mike Krol 2:51
Straaange (Demo) [Bonus Track] Mike Krol 2:41
I Got You (Chelsea) [Bonus Track] Mike Krol 1:24
[untitled track of Terre T reviewing I Hate Jazz on WFMU] (Bonus Track) Mike Krol 1:06

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