Vinyl - Alt-J - This Is All Yours [Limited Edition Color Vinyl]

Alt-J - This is All Yours [Limited Edition Color Vinyl]

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Alt-J - This is All Yours [Limited Edition Color Vinyl]

There is a term thrown around called “The Sophomore Jinx” meaning that often a band’s second album is often a flop in comparison to their debut. alt-J did not get the memo and did not fall into the jinx with This Is All You. Most of this record was written while the band toured the world for their amazing debut An Awesome Wave. Often when a band writes on the road a record can sound disjointed, but this record feels like a cohesive work that flows seamlessly from song to song. Sure the hits Every Other Freckle and Left Hand Free are included, but they are only a part of a magnificent album 

Track Listings
1. Intro
2. Arrival in Nara
3. Nara
4. Every Other Freckle
5. Left Hand Free
6. Garden of England - Interlude
7. Choice Kingdom
8. Hunger of the Pine
9. Warm Foothills
10. The Gospel of John Hurt
11. Pusher
12. Bloodflood pt. II
13. Leaving Nara