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Abram Shook - Love at Low Speed [Blue colored Vinyl]-Indie Vinyl Den

Abram Shook - Love at Low Speed [Blue colored Vinyl]

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Austin-based musician Abram Shook is a remarkable wellspring of ideas when it comes to songwriting. When he sat down to write his third album, he produced two distinct batches of songs, one very personal collection titled Love at Low Speed, and a darker, more detached collection titled Love in the Age of Excess. Due to time and money constraints, he opted to only record the more personal album, which explores themes of love, loss, and connecting with others, all themes he's been careful to avoid on previous albums. As he explains, "I avoided the subject of love in the past because I thought it was a cliched, overwrought topic. What else could I really add to the cannon? Writing the album directly coincided with some pretty big changes in my life, mainly the ending of an 11 year relationship." Love at Low Speed proves that Shook has plenty to offer on these topics, and that he's at his best when he digs deep, mining his years of experience for confessional tales peppered with hard-wrought wisdom.

1    The Hours
2    Eventually
3    Lies
4    Divinity
5    Red Lines
6    Machinery
7    No Return
8    Device
9    Lisbon
10    Quiet Side

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