INDIE VINYL DEN | Radiohead White Vinyl Mix-up!

If you received a Radiohead record labeled White vinyl and inside you find Black vinyl, no worries we have you covered.

We received the following from XL Recordings, record label of Radiohead:

So…….we’ve found out today that some of our Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool WHITE VINYL is in fact black despite having LIMITED EDITION WHITE stickers on the front.

The way to tell what color vinyl you have is the check the barcodes on the back as they are correct 



STANDARD BLACK vinyl Barcode:


Unfortunately we do not have any white to replace these.

We are so sorry, the mislabeling happened at the manufacturing plant, unfortunately a few of our boxes were marked incorrectly as well as the vinyl being stickered incorrectly, so we sent these out believing you were receiving the limited white vinyl.

and again we are very very sorry for this mix-up