INDIE VInyl Den | Amateur Hour

INDIE VInyl Den | Amateur Hour

You know Melbourne Australia’s Courtney Barnett, but what about The Sugarcanes? Ouch My Face? The Gin Club? Sarah Blasko? Laura Jean? If you do not know these artists, you would have if you had been watching Amateur Hour a web series that is the brainchild of Laura Imbruglia.

Laura is a musician herself and how I first came to know of her, but she is also a true entertainer at heart. Her songs reveal open emotional wounds and at times a murderous wit that proves she wins in the end. She touches on many genres; a variety of sounds that come together as if always meant to be. It is variety that she wanted to present with Amateur Hour.

Based in Melbourne, Laura wanted to create a talent show of sorts featuring the art, comedy, and music of her current home. You will be first in the know of the next big thing coming out of the ultra-talented Melbourne art community. Check out season one now at 

Laura and friends are preparing for the new season of Amateur Hour and you can help be a part of the production! You can give 20 Australian dollars and get your name in the credits! The best part is that the when the currency conversion is done you only pay around $16 US. Imagine the next Courtney Barnett is on an episode next season and your name is in the credits. That would be pretty sweet right? Please help them soon as you only have 29 days from this posting.  - Christopher