A message about the PWR BTTM release

Hi guys this is Christopher, the guy that built this record hole on the internet. A new release by the band PWR BTTM is slated to occur tomorrow (5/12). In the last day or so some accusations of abuse have been leveled at singer Ben Hopkins. In this country, you are innocent until proven guilty, but there is also freedom to reserve one’s opinion until the facts are known. It is for that reason we will not be offering this release tomorrow.

My company supports survivors. I am not trying to be judge and jury, but I will not move forward until a judge or jury has made their decision. The accused is just one person in a band and it kills me to deny them a chance to have their music heard. In the end, I must look myself in the mirror and do what I feel is right with the information I have. To those of you that pre-ordered, we will be sending refunds this evening.

Please feel free to comment below or send me an email if you want to make your voice heard.