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In this first installment of Records You Should Own we look at DIIV Oshin. This had not been available on vinyl until recently and we have sold many a copy, but we still think many who are not familiar with DIIV would also enjoy this record. Here are what some critics have said about Oshin



Pitchfork gave it a high 8.3 and named it the Best New Music for the week when released. Ian Cohen wrote “I don't think DIIV intend to be subversive; they're a traditionally structured indie rock band with lyrics that are mostly unintelligible if they're not in the song title. But Oshinisn't just a gorgeous and unusually melodic dream-pop record; it's an interesting experiment in whether a band based on voice/guitar/bass/drums can rely on the guitar to carry the song's meaning. DIIV's songs are built around verses and choruses but these are unusually fluid and intuitive, almost post-rock in miniature. And this album is more of a sensory experience than an emotional one.”

NME gave it a 9 out of 10 and Tom Howard wrote “all songs that take their own precious time to get where they’re going, and do so with the precision of a military operation. Drums and guitars smothered with reverb, vocals distorted to mesmerise and hypnotise.”

Sputnik Music gave it an excellent 4.0 rating. Adam Downer wrote “its impeccable songwriting is making me think more and more that this is a bit timeless, a future generation’s lost gem, a handy rec for a friend looking to get into more early 2010s dream-pop. And shit, if nostalgia is everything, why not get nostalgic for right now?”

This is a record that will find it’s way on your turntable often. On the surface it will not immediately grab you by the throat, but as the record spins it becomes contagious. Each song finishes too early and the next cannot start soon enough. This record belongs in your collection, if not now, when?

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