Stop it with the color vinyl!

We get it, the color vinyl is shiny and pretty, but there is a trend happening that concerns me. We get new releases in on color vinyl and we sell out quickly, but when only black vinyl is left the sales stop. Remember it's about the music, not the pretty colors. Do not let someone fool you into thinking an otherwise crappy record is great because it is on limited color vinyl. This trend is happening a lot with the multiple subscription services out there. There are plenty of ways to listen to something before you buy it, so take advantage of that and see if you like the music first! I see people with ever-growing collections of color vinyl, but never listening to a record twice, because frankly it doesn't deserve it. It's not about how much you own and the color they are, this is music! If you like it, buy it despite the color. There is a lot of research that shows that the audiophile quality of color vinyl is lower than its black counterpart. Just be careful, I see a lot of bad business behavior going on with poor quality vinyl releases and in the end it will hurt this industry and your wallet.

This is not to say that all color vinyl is inferior, there is good music being released on color vinyl (See Sub Pop, Merge, Matador.) Buy color vinyl because you like the music first, let the color be irrelevant. If you get color vinyl and the quality is noticeably poor, send it back from where it came! 

-Christopher, guy that built the Indie Vinyl Den