Why no Free Shipping all the time?

Posted by Christopher Carter on

We tried Free Shipping on everything and in order to do such a thing you have to raise prices on your product. Notice those that have Free Shipping often have prices that are higher or sell another line of items at a higher markup to make up the difference. It's a business, not a hobby, so you have to pay your bills, people, buy new product, etc.

So if we raise prices on everything by $2 lets say, when a person buys more than one record, the extra on each record starts to increase and before you know it they are paying WAY more than it would have cost if we kept the shipping charge. So for two reasons we nixed it - 

  1. We are a business and in order to grow, you have to make money.
  2. We were actually making more money off people that bought multiple items and that is simply not fair.

So we have backed our prices down and took on a one low price for standard shipping which is now $2.99 regardless of how many records you buy. To put that into perspective, it costs $1 for the actual box to ship in and about $3.25 to ship one record Media Mail (additional .50 per record above 1). 

We will continue to try new things and are always open to suggestions, but we want to be fair and to remain open (unlike so many that have gone away.) 

Thanks for your business and never hesitate to reach out to us.


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