INDIE VINYL DEN | Why a Radiohead Lottery?

We decided to have a lottery for any remaining Limited Edition Radiohead "A Moon Shaped Pool" white vinyl editions. We tried to come up with a way to be as fair as possible and to reach those of you that wish to obtain a copy. Our original pre-sale lasted about 45 minutes before we stopped it in fear of overselling. Even many of our regular customers never knew we had a pre-sale before we stopped it. Some of our competitors have oversold the amount that they will be allocated and many people are going to be disappointed. We have been able to cover all of those that had ordered a pre-sale copy from us. Now we believe we will have a few extra copies leftover and wanted to give people a chance to buy them.

We have the record at the same price as we started with during the pre-sale ($32.99). We are not interested in gouging our customers. This is a very unique situation in that demand far outweighs the supply, so this was the most fair way we could think of for everyone. 

In the end you cannot make everyone happy, but we wanted to be transparent with our decision to have a lottery. We kept hope that the record label would increase the initial offering of the Limited Edition, but that did not happen. Good luck everyone!

Enter the lottery HERE.